Shared Housing in Marin County

Our Free HomeShare Program for Seniors

Our Free HomeShare Program

What Is HomeShare?

HomeSharing is an alternative way of meeting housing needs with numerous benefits to renters and homeowners alike. People share for different reasons, some of which include: companionship, personal safety, added security, help with chores or to offset the rising cost of rents, taxes, utilities and maintenance. Home owners may be living in a house too large now that everyone has left and they may find it difficult to cope with all the responsibilities of maintaining themselves or their household alone. Renters may be newly divorced or widowed, foreclosed upon, recently new to the area or anyone in need of low cost housing who enjoys living with others.

Put simply, HomeSharing is an arrangement where two or more unrelated people share a dwelling, each having her or his own private space and sharing certain common areas.

Do you have a home to share?

HomeSharing can provide extra cash for mortgage payments or rent, monthly bills and food or provide much needed services such as housework, cooking, pet care, transportation, running errands and more in lieu of rent.

Do you need a place to call home?

HomeSharing can help you save money on rent, giving you more for your money or by matching you with someone who needs help in exchange for rent. More Information

A shared housing arrangement can also provide the benefits of companionship and increased security for both parties.

Our program’s services include:

  • Personal interviews and needs assessments.
  • Facilitation of potential matches.
  • Matching and selection tips.
  • Writing of shared housing agreements.
  • Monthly check-ins.
  • Conflict resolution.

Here is How It Works!

Leslie Klor, HomeShare Program Director discusses the HomeShare Program: